Profile Rating App

It is a unique website that lets users get feedback about their social media profiles so that they can improve their profiles. There are three different types of profiles i-e social, dating and professional. Following are some of the features:

  • Users can upload profile picture from Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Multiple profile tests can be created catering to multiple social profiles.
  • Each type of profile (dating, social or professional) have different set of options to choose.
  • This system is based on credits. A user can earn credits by giving feedback to profiles of other users or buy credits through Paypal.
  • Advanced statistics for each profile test.
  • Multiple payment packages for buying credits.
  • The website administrator can manage users, payment packages and other settings.

Tech Stack

PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JSON, AJAX, Paypal API, Google Charts, Linkedin API, Facebook API

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